Review: The Dull Eyes – Titanomachy


Some weeks ago we introduced The Dull Eyes, a fairly new band hailing from Düsseldorf, Germany. The band describes their sound as “Space, Fuzz & Heavy Metal.” You were able to find out what means by listening to the exclusive stream of their new EP Titanomachy at Legends Arising.

First song ‘Galaxy Grinder’ serves as a dark groovy intro to the record. Not long after a guitar solo sets in it immediately becomes clear that we’re not dealing with a ‘regular’ hardcore band here. First give away is the length of the songs on this record: every song is longer than three minutes, which is pretty unusual for a hardcore band. Next to that is the band’s sound. It’s much more sludge and heavy-metal than it is hardcore. Not sticking to the original sound of hardcore isn’t a bad thing at all. The tracks are pretty long but never boring. People who expect to smash some heads to heavy mosh parts will be disappointed, you won’t find any breakdowns on this EP. In return you’ll get a sound that reminds of any good Sludge-, Doom and metal bands from decades back like Sleep and Eyehategod.

On this very interesting record, ‘Total Alienation’ is the least impressive song. While listening to the EP, this song could easily be missed without even noticing it. The structure of this song just doesn’t live up to the other tracks on Titanomachy.

Last but not least is the song ‘Garden of Roses Crown of Thorns’ which plays over 7 minutes. You would expect this song feels stretched out, but it doesn’t at all. The exchange of vocals between frontman Jannis and guitarist Sam is something that Dull Eyes really worked out well. This last song really shows the band’s strength. Their sound keeps you interested during the whole EP, so much that the time for a full-length feels right as well.

If you haven’t checked the stream out yet, you should really do so. Bundles and physical copies can be ordered through the Powertrip Records webstore.

Track list – Titanomachy:

1. Galaxy Grinder
2. Messiah
3. Skeleton Rose
4. Total Alienation
5. Garden of Roses Crown of Thorns

The Dull Eyes: Facebook / Bandcamp / Order Titanomachy

Written by Gijs Duijzer

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