Review: Client. – Joy Is The Only Treat


Client. are a band from Hannover, Germany who are devoted to exploring the frontiers of alternative emo punk, grunge and hardcore. If you are familiar with bands such as Basement, Citizen and Balance & Composure, you know which frontiers are at stake here. Comparing Client. to the aforementioned bands brings me to the release of their debut album Joy Is The Only Treat. The young band gets along well with the high standard that was set with releases such as Colourmeinkindness and Youth, and admitted, they delivered a damn good record.

The album starts off with the flawless ‘Devotion’; this track keeps your attention throughout, building up slowly with groovy guitar work to an exceptional refrain. This sets the bar high for the remainder of Joy Is The Only Treat. Client. takes a step back on ‘Flower’ proving not only to be good at up-beat catchiness; I catch myself fiercely moving my head back and forth to the half-time rhythms.

After interlude track ‘In Silence’, which works remarkably well on this part of the album, Client. picks up the pace again with ‘The Mask’. Joy Is The Only Treat is branded by its intense and deep lyrical content, strong musicianship and bewitching melodies. ‘Away’, ‘Pt. I Staring At The Sun’ and ‘Sanity’ are among the stand-out tracks that are particularly captivating.

Client. delivered an incredibly convincing debut LP and pushed themselves to the forefront of the European scene with this release. They started their invasion and will be gaining territory on very short notice. Joy Is The Only Treat is out now through Street Survival Records and Evil Greed. Orders are available now; click here for regular vinyl and here for exclusive vinyl, t-shirts, hoodies and posters.

Track list – Joy Is The Only Treat:

1. Devotion
2. The Mask
3. Memorial Day
4. In Silence
5. Flower
6. Like A Child
7. Away
8. Pt. I Staring At The Sun
9. Pt. II Staring At The Sky
10. Sanity
Joy Is The Only Treat

Client: Facebook / Bandcamp

Written by Tim van Reyswoud

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