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Introducing: Black Art

Black Art

Last week, Black Art from Gloucestershire, UK released their new 6-track EP Full Lungs | Empty Words. The band plays an vibrant blend of melodic hardcore which can be compared to a Ghost of a Thousand and The Bronx. Combined with a good dose of humor, Black Art is making their way to the UK forefront of hardcore. I spoke to frontman Joe Kibble to introduce his band.

Please introduce yourself and your band.

“Hi I’m Joe, I like playing computer games and locking myself away from the rest of the world. No need to know the rest of the band they are all socially awkward and a step behind in evolution.”

What’s the story behind your band name? 

“It is simply a total rip off of a Ghost of a Thousand song. Because they are pretty much one of the coolest band ever to have came out of the UK.”

Define your sound in three words and elaborate on that. 

“Punk (guns), rock (bitches) and roll (bling). Despite being labelled as hardcore, we simply would love to be amongst a different kettle of fish.”

I hear a lot of familiar sounds on your new EP Full Lungs | Empty Words; which bands have inspired your writing?

“The Chariot, The Hives, ZZ Top.”

The EP will appear on tape, CD and digitally, but not on vinyl. You have to explain yourselves here…

“Because vinyl’s are expensive and no one has any spare change to help us country bumpkins out.”

Why should people come to one of your upcoming release shows?

“People should definitely come out to a show. Firstly to purchase a fashionable garment from what will probably be a crooked table in the corner of a dusty beer soaked mediocre venue. Then once you are happy with the size and color of your garment, please turn your attention to our fabulous array of dance moves and choreography that we display on stage. Starting we have oli preforming the ‘blow fish puffa face’ whilst jumping over an imaginary hurdle. Then as you move across you will find the old dog wondering around aimlessly confused and unsure of why he even there?! Then over on again the second guitarist Nick with a dance move repertoire of your pissed dad at your sister’s wedding. At the front or possibly bumbling around where a crowd should be standing Joe will most certainly be blurting out a stern west country accent for you to not understand. Bringing up the rear more ways he would like to admit, Nathan P Davies #ifbiggyshoppedatprimarknathan likes to stand on his stool and shout at false ceilings above him to vent his frustration from the domestic violence he suffers at home.”

Black Art: Facebook / Order Full Lung | Empty Words

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