Introducing: World Weary

World Weary

After posting posting Expire‘s full set yesterday, filmed by Baronxbones, my good friend Max Horn urged me to check out World Weary, the band that opened up for them at The Camden Barfly in London. So I did. And I love them. World Weary released a demo EP in February this year and its intro is brilliant. Just for that you should check it out on Bandcamp. The guys, all aged around 20, play a fierce blend of  NYHC and UKHC infused with metallic riffs. I spoke to singer Seth Salih and asked him to answer some questions. Here we go:

Please introduce yourself and your band.

“There are five of us in this band. I sing for it. It’s a hardcore band from London called World Weary.”

How did you come up with the band name?

“We just discussed different ideas as a band. “World Weary” fits the theme of a lot of our lyrics and it’s a phrase that people recognise too.”

Define your sound in three words and elaborate on that.

“Straight up hardcore. We took influences from old and new hardcore bands, and other good music, and made a hardcore band we liked.”

Max from Baronxbones spoke highly of your demo, so I checked it out. It’s sick, especially the intro! Tell us a bit more about the reactions you got after the release.

“Max Horn is the man. That guy busts his ass, going around the country filming bands. One of the nicest, realest guys we’ve met since being in this band. We owe him a lot – we all do. The reactions were surprising; didn’t know people actually gave a shit about my band, or new hardcore bands. Turns out they did and I still find it a shock that people shout our lyrics at shows. Again, we’ve met so many cool people since being in this band, and they’ve all been dead nice to us and helped us out a lot since day one, when we dropped the S/T.”

The self-titled demo has been out since February and you’ve been playing some pretty sick shows since. What’s next for you guys?

“Play more cool shows mainly. We’d like to get to both Scotland and mainland Europe by the end of the year. We should have two more tracks released on a split 7” by the end of September too so look out for that.”

Check World Weary’s full set at The Camden Barfly last Monday filmed by Baronxbones.

World Weary: Facebook / Bandcamp

Photo by Benjamin Elliott –

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