New Downpresser and Violent Situation Songs on The Extermination Vol. 2

The Extermination 2

Flatspot Records from Baltimore, Maryland have released two tracks from the second volume of The Extermination compilation series. It concerns two brand new songs from Violent Situation and Downpresser. The label says:

“Flatspot Records started in 2004 and since then we have dedicated ourselves to releasing, what we feel, is the best 
representation of what Hardcore is. Since our inception we have released records for bands all over the country, 
but one of our main goals was to release a solid compilation. We had a goal to release a compilation that 
had the same energy as legendary comps such as The Way It Is, Free For All, and Where the wild Things Are. We wanted 
to bring that feeling back and release a throwback to the golden era of the ‘core. The most important factor 
for us when we release a record is knowing that it will stand the test of time, knowing that it will still 
mean something in 15 years. We feel we reached this goal with The Extermination series.”

Check out the brand new songs and keep an eye out for more! The compilation is slated for release August 16th.

Flatspot Records: Facebook / Website / Bandcamp

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