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Album of the Month: HAWSER – Young and Restless

Young & Restless Cover Art klein

Dutch four-piece HAWSER formed in 2011 and have been touring Europe intensively since their off-set. After announcing their signing to Farewell Records this April, it seems that three years of hard work is beginning to pay off for these guys. Having already released a quality EP – Shallow Earth, in 2013, this budding hardcore outfit felt it was about to time to take things up a notch. And with the upcoming release of Young and Restless they’ve done it in style.

‘Rot’ kicks the album off like a choke slam. It’s instant to see, vast sludgy riffs, thick throaty vocals and beasty hardcore grooves are this band’s strong suit. ‘Suffer to Survive’ brings all these things to light, two minutes of in-your-face, no-fucks-given hardcore show HAWSER doing what they do best. ‘Bottle’ is a highlight for me, kicking off with a deep “blah!” from vocalist, Van’t Land, it’s a rapid, riff fueled onslaught from start to finish. ‘Drawn In, Drowning Out’ is yet another monster track, with its gut punching intro, this one is sure to cause mayhem in front of a crowd. Title track ‘Young and Restless’ is the albums closer and they certainly saved some of the best for last. A punky, breakneck intro gets things started before entering into one of the most savage breakdowns on the record. ‘Young and Restless’ is a perfect finish to this unrelenting debut album.

As a whole, these guys have nailed their own blend of grisly metal tinged hardcore down to a tee, showing some real growth since Shallow Earth. Bassist Ruben Middelweerd maxes out the gain, creating an awesome gravely tone, which combined with Stijn van ‘t Land’s guttural vocals make this band’s ruthless sound even more menacing. If this furious album is anything to go by, HAWSER will be tearing up stages and producing spine snapping hardcore records for years to come. Young and Restless will leave you feeling bloody, battered and bruised, but immensely satisfied. Make sure you catch these guys live and pick up one of their new records, you won’t regret it.

Track list – Young and Restless:

1. Rot
2. Suffer To Survive
3. Closet Full Of Skeletons
4. Nothing Like Nothing Like You
5. The Bottle
6. Drawn In, Drowning Out
7. Clear
8. Hand You’ve Been Dealt
9. World Spinnin’
10. Spark
11. Young And Restless

HAWSER: Facebook / Twitter / Bandcamp / Order Young and Restless

Written by Alfie Nobes

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