Review: Expire – Pretty Low

expire pretty low

Expire kicked in the doors of worldwide hardcore with their record Pendulum Swings in 2012. They toured the world from Australia to Asia, all the way through Europe and back to the US. Now the time has come for a new album, again brought to us by Bridge Nine Records and it is called Pretty Low.

The album opens with the single release and title track of the album ‘Pretty Low’. “When your shit keeps piling up, get a shovel!” has been a constantly returning sentence, this thanks to a certain video that was cleverly edited and went viral. It gave the single an even bigger range than that it already would have had. It is a catchy, simple song that introduces a harsher sounding Expire.

This new, harsher sound is heard throughout the entire album. The vocals have gotten much more aggressive as you will hear especially in songs like ‘Gravity’ and ‘Callous’. Accompanied with riffs and rhythms a bit more down tempo, but with that authentic Expire feel to it, the record feels like a step further for the band. It goes better with the message that they were delivering before and so it feels better fitting.

Cool details on this album to look out for is the killer vocals on the ‘Old Habbits’ and ‘Foregetting’, songs that will grab your attention with riffs that sound familiar, but have all been taken up a notch. I feel as if this is an album that instantly hits the right spot, but has more to offer than you will hear on the first take.

There is quite a lot of material on this record that is bound to do well during the band’s live shows. This rougher, angrier Expire is bound to deliver when they will hit our European shores again. Pretty Low is out now through Bridge Nine Records.

Track list – Pretty Low:
1.  Pretty Low
2.  Just Don’t
3.  Fiction
4.  Gravity
5.  Nobody
6.  Old Habits
7.  Forgetting
8.  Callous
9.  Rejection
10.  If It Were Up To me
11.  Second Face

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