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Introducing: Clandestine aD

Clandestine aD

Lately a lot of new bands have been arising, formed out of a desire for experimentation and a longing for something new. Members of Brutality Will PrevailWolf DownForsaken and Natural Order got together to write some “killing riffs, emotional words and dedicated spin kicking beatdowns“, creating a wall of sound that we’re not quite used to from the involved lads and gal. We’re pleased introduce your to Clandestine aD. Find out more about the band through the below interview with founding member Ash Gray and listen to their first song ‘Depriving The Most Beautiful Tragedy’.

You guys all play in different bands; what’s the reason you decided to started Clandestine aD?

“We all spoke about doing some new and different to all of us. Wrote some pit killing riffs, emotional words and dedicated spin kicking beatdowns. I got together with Pingu (guitar) wrote some stuff with him and we spoke about who would sing for the band I said I’d try it out so that’s how we got to that point. Jonny, Joe and Larissa listened to what we had done and thought it would be cool if we all got together and done this. We’ve all been speaking about this style of band we have wanted to do for some time now so here it is.”

How did you come up with the band name?

“Just typically bouncing names back and forth till we found the right fitting name. The meaning of the word could relate and be in context with it lyrically as well so it works in our eyes.”

Please define your sound in three words and elaborate on that.

“Uneasy, depraved and heavy. I can’t elaborate on that it’s just the way we imagined and wanted it.”

Will touring be a near future option with band members living in different countries?

“I wouldn’t really say it is a problem to be honest, if people dig it and people want to see it I’m sure we can sort that out.”

Clandestine aD just released their first track; what’s next?

“We want to release one track let that ride for a week then put another up. The reason being is everything is recorded, mixed and mastered by ourselves so we just need time to polish up a few things whilst people start checking the band out. We would then like to aim for writing a 7 inch, play some shows when we can and just see some spin kicks.”

Clandestine aD: Facebook / Stereokiller / Bandcamp

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