Exclusive: Stream HAWSER’s debut album “Young and Restless”

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HAWSER‘s new record Young and Restless is now exclusively streaming at This debut album will be available on June 12th via Farewell Records and follows up their EP Shallow Earth.

Speaking to about the album, HAWSER vocalist Stijn van ‘t Land said: “The writing process basically started as soon as we had finished recording Shallow Earth. We had a vision. We knew that the next release we were going to do would be a full length, and that Shallow Earth would be just a demo. We had about a year in total to write the new record, but since we played so much shows in 2013, we found out that we had less time than we actually thought. Either way we wrote so much stuff that a lot of it went straight into the garbage bin. In a way I feel as if Young And Restless really defined us. I mean, despite all the disagreements between members throughout the writing process we’re still here with the same line-up. We’re still that same four piece. We’re still the HAWSER that started about three years ago. And, that’s why I’m really happy with the product we’ve got now. I’ve never really been too content with my own creations, and I still think that there’s a lot of room for us to grow musically, but as a band, I’m pretty sure that this is it, you know? Why people should listen to it? I don’t know. I mean, it’s groovy, but musically that’s about it. Lyrically there might be a lot of universal feelings in there, but it’s also rather personal. All I can really guarantee is that it’s more than a hundred percent real. We’ll never do anything to please anyone else besides the four of us, and this record really reflects that. We were never a band to adjust their sound to a ‘hype’, and we never will. There are still a variety of different sounds on this record, and I’m sure that some people aren’t too fond of that, but I mean, this is the product of four individuals equally putting energy in each and every song, and as part of the band that’s really important to me.”

HAWSER just returned from a 3-week run with Santa Barbara heavyweights Downpresser, but is already gearing up for another European tour with Ashes. Check all the tour dates below.

Pre-order Young and Restless on CD and colored 12″ vinyl via Farewell Records. The digital release will follow on June 19th.

European tour dates:

06.21 Schalkwijk, The Netherlands @ Backyard Show*
07.11 Genk, Belgium @ Miner Fest
07.12 Berlin, Germany @ K19
07.13 Chemnitz, Germany @ AJZ
07.14 Hamburg, Germany @ TBC
07.15 Wolfsburg, Germany @ Jugendhaus Ost
07.16 Dinslaken, Germany @ Rehearsal Room
07.18 Leuven, Belgium @ Vleugen F
07.19 Cappele a/d Ijssel, Netherlands @ Smashfest
07.20 Aachen, Germany @ TBC
07.21 Mogliano Veneto, Italy @ Summer Nite Festival*
07.23 Civitanova, Italy @ Wetfest*
07.26 Luxembourg, Luxembourg @ TBC*

* without Ashes

HAWSER: Facebook / Twitter / Bandcamp

Photo by Alliese Hoekstra / Remain & Sustain

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