Introducing: NA’AMAH


We’re very excited to introduce you to newly arrived metal-infused hardcore band NA’AMAH. It’s the project of Benchpress guitarist Drew and drummer Paul, with Larissa from Wolf Down on vocals, and Baronxbones videographer Max on bass. Today, the band has released the first track off of their Punishment demo, accompanied by an amazingly shot video. If you’re into heavy, groovy, and gory hardcore; NA’AMAH is you’re deal. Find out more about the quartet, whose members are spread over several continents, through the below interview with founding member Drew.

You guys all play in different bands; what’s the reason you decided to started NA’AMAH?

“Technically, NA’AMAH started approximately 3 years ago when Paul, Ryan (Bassist for BP) and myself got together and wrote some tunes under the name Compulsions. We had time scheduled to hit the studio but ended up cancelling in order to focus on BP riffage. The songs we wrote would pop up at practices here and there, but we never had any concrete plans to release them. Then, during the BP Euro Tour that took place this past January, I was introduced to Larissa (Vocalist of Wolf Down) and Max (Sole Proprietor of Larissa and I grew increasingly aware of our shared musical interests throughout the tour, and as our friendship developed, it only seemed natural to work on something together. Paul (Drummer) and I then came back to the States, recycled some of the content from our previous endeavor and generated some new stuff as well. Max came into the picture when I shared the songs with him to gather his opinion. He was into it; graciously, he offered to create a music video for the project, so I thought it’d be great for him to play bass if the opportunity for us to play shows ever presented itself. And alas, NA’AMAH was born.”

It seems pretty inconvenient to be in a band with members that are based in different countries…

Being halfway around the world from Larissa and Max definitely provides challenge. If the opportunity to tour and play shows manifests, then I’m sure we’ll make it happen. Otherwise, we’ll just continue to write and release material. The most difficult part of the entire scenario is not being able to kiss the both of them daily.”

How did you come up with the band name?

“Larissa and I talked about band names. We wanted to do something conceptual/story-like. I won’t elaborate too much on our name, simply because I love figuring out a bands core message/theme/story. It’s a miraculous moment when one is head-banging to an undeniably heavy riff, and then suddenly it clicks; the lyrics, the sounds presented, the band name… all of it falls in line and makes sense. Those moments are responsible for holding my attention on metal and hardcore music. Sometimes it’s a serious message, sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s the lack of a message that gets me… No matter the objective, I can always find some level of intention.”

Please define your sound in three words and elaborate on that.

“I’ll use three words that I hope define our sound, skip out on elaboration and allow the listener to decide if they’re appropriate. Abrupt. Impulsive. Concise.”

Naamah 1

Naamah 2

Behind the scenes of the ‘The Saint And The Sinner’ music video recordings.

Can you tell use more about the Blair Witch Project-themed video you released for ‘The Sinner And The Saint’?

“If you take some time and look into our band name and lyrics, I think the video will make sense. Max generated a plot for the video and worked with an team of remarkably talented individuals to put it together. In fact, I’d like to take the time to personally thank all of them. I’ve literally never met any of these folks, but I think that their willingness to pitch in on the project points directly to their gracious and kind character. Thank you all, so much.”

NA’AMAH just released their first track; what’s next?

“Today we release one track. We have another in the bank that may surface over the next couple of days. Stay tuned.”

NA’AMAH: Facebook

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