Review: Conqueror – Life On Repeat


South African hardcore outfit Conqueror have crashed back onto the scene with their first full-length, Life On Repeat. Hailing from Johannesburg, this unruly four-piece blend a classic hardcore sound with their own raw and frenzied energy. After sharing stages with Comeback Kid, The Ghost Inside and fellow South African hardcore kids Truth & Its Burden, these guys are carving themselves a fierce reputation. The band’s debut release on Belgian label Genet Records, sets the bar high for this band’s future.

Conqueror’s unyielding vitality soaks this album from start to finish. Skull cracking breakdowns, blast beats and menacing riffs are this bands forte. If you’re looking for indulgent guitar solos and 10-minute songs, this record isn’t for you. Title track ‘Life on Repeat’ sets a ferocious tone in under 15 seconds, while the whole record itself barely hits the 20-minute mark. This album is split down the middle, it features some awesome new tracks like ‘Shift my Focus’ and ‘World of Hate’ as well as some hardcore anthems from previous EPs, Reality Check and Truth Seeker.

‘Blood Surfer’ will tear listener’s ears apart with its sludgy beast of an intro, while rapid tracks like ‘LDMS’ and ‘Serpent Within’ feature some of the wildest riffs going. The longest track on the album ‘Cold World’ comes in at 2:16, but is by no means stale. Bursting with gang vocals, thrashing drum lines and demonic power chords, it’s one of my highlights. If you’re a fan of definitive bands like Terror or chaotic hardcore punk like Trash Talk, this album is one you’ll enjoy.

While Life On Repeat doesn’t venture too far beyond the boundaries of the genre, it should still earn a place on any hardcore fans playlist. From their DIY attitude – they produced the record themselves, to their relentless passion for the music, these guys prove hardcore is alive and well in South Africa.

You can catch this vicious four-piece at Ieperfest and New Noise Festival. They are sure to pack an almighty punch live, so go check them out!

Track list – Life On Repeat:

1. Life on Repeat
2. Shift my Focus
3. Serpent Within
4. Cut the Chord
5. World of Hate
6. Misanthropic Till I Die
7. Day In Day Out
8. Blood Surfer
10. Cursed
11. Wasting Time
12. Face Eraser
13. Truth Seeker
14. Cold World
15. No Life
16. Tearinʼ Up My Head
17. I Am Pain
18. Too Much Hate, Not Enough Bake

ConquerorFacebook / MySpace / Bandcamp

Written by Alfie Nobes

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