Review: Peasant – Dead Hand


Peasant is a 4-piece hardcore band from Cape Town, South Africa. Dead Hand is their debut EP; a 6-track in-your-face record with a great mystical vibe going on.

The opening track is an intro that sets the tone. It got me fearing for another post hardcore, melodic band doing the same old trick. But when you pay more attention you feel a bit of southern rock in there. It made me realize this album could still go anywhere. ‘Ender’, the first real track on this record sweeps away all my doubts. This is hardcore with a rock and roll edge to it. It holds great punk energy given a voice with amazing vocals. The band has released a video for this song, check it out below:

‘Backslider’ brings some trashy elements which prove that the band is capable of doing more than just the straight forward hardcore punk stuff. These riffs are fast and hard. ‘Dead Hand’, the title track and also the last track of the album, has a more melodic vibe which you can hear continuously throughout the album, but doesn’t bore at all. It is a great addition to their sound.

The band proves to master a variety of different styles, but also know how to combine these styles into something convincing. It is an amazing melting pot and a continuous feed of new impulses. A great listen for those who like energy, but also for those who are interested in the musical aspect.

Check out Dead Hand in the stream below. It is worth it, no matter what you are looking for. We can’t wait to see where this band is going.

Track list – Dead Hand:

1. Prelude
2. Ender
3. Backslider
4. Peasant
5. Done
6. Dead Hand

Peasant: Facebook / Bandcamp / Tumblr

Written by Ruben Middelweerd

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