Photo Report: Northcote Festival @ Energiehuis, 29 March 2014

Last Saturday, Northcote Festival took place at Energiehuis in Dordrecht (NL). It was the third edition of the annual hardcore festival, which doubled in size compared to last year. Twenty-three bands shared two stages in the span of ten hours. The international amosphere characterized this years festival; there were bands from the United States, Scotland, Wales, Denmark, Italy and Poland, and 300 visitors traveled to The Netherlands from Belgium, Germany and France.

Last year was the first sold out edition of Northcote Festival. In our eyes, the amosphere was so perfect that it seemed hard to recreate that same vibe in this new venue,” says organizer Patrick Batenburg. “However, Northcote Festival 2014 was amazing and it beat last year on each level! We couldn’t have done it without all the visitors, bands and organizations, so a major thanks goes out to all of them. I’m still perplexed at just how good this years edition was.

We enjoyed the festival to the fullest and met up with a tons of friends. It was the perfect way to spend an entire Saturday. Photographer Geert Breakers took some incredible pictures that recap the whole experience. Enjoy!

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