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Album of the Month: Comeback Kid – Die Knowing

Comeback Kid Die Knowing

Comeback Kid, the Canadian kings of hardcore, are back. It’s been a quiet few years for CBK but they haven’t been forgotten. One of the most highly anticipated records this year, Die Knowing is set to carve out Comeback Kid’s throne at the forefront of hardcore once again. Released through Victory Records, Die Knowing will remind fans why CBK have been a consistent success since the release of Wake the Dead in 2005. Filled to the brim with the kind of savage moments they have become renowned for, this is potentially their heaviest record to date.

Title track ‘Die Knowing’ sets a dominating tone through sludgy guitar work and low-key drum hits. Andrew Nuefeld’s guttural vocals make their usual impact, bringing real malice to the song. ‘Lower the Line’ and ‘Wasted Arrows’ are more in your face and set a style reminiscent of the band’s previous records. ‘Should Know Better’ is my highlight and promises to tear venues apart when it hits the stage. The song is a rapid assault from start to finish and its mammoth chorus will be a certified pit-opener. ‘Unconditional’ has a slightly more melodic tinge to it, but still takes nothing from the inexorable energy of the album. As a whole Die Knowing is less melody driven than Symptoms and Cures and shamelessly underlines the punk elements of CBK’s sound.

Die Knowing doesn’t stray far from Comeback Kid’s previous attempts, but it is by no means stale. They seem to take the “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” mentality and it definitely works; almost every track on this album stands tall and will cater towards a ridiculously fierce live show. Five releases in and this band can still exude the same relentless energy they did on early records like Wake the Dead and Broadcasting. Comeback Kid has managed to produce yet another classic hardcore record, a vivid mix of punk driven fury and vigour, Die Knowing secures the bands place as one of the best.

Track list – Die Knowing:

1. Die Knowing
2. Lower the Line
3. Wasted Arrows
4. Should Know Better
5. I depend, I Control
6. Somewhere in This Miserable…
7. Beyond
8. Unconditional
9. Didn’t Even Mind
10. Full Swing
11. Sink In

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