Fell To Low Joins Revelation Records Roster

Fell To Low

Revelation Records are happy to announce the addition of Fell To Low to the current roster and will be releasing the band’s first ever full-length album. Although not a household name, Fell To Low have been making noise since 2009 in the sleepy California town of Ojai and already have two 7”s and two 10”s as well as a West Coast tour with Give, and multiple self-booked full US tours under their belts. The band features a pedigree of hardcore kids that includes members of Nails and Minus but break from that formula delivering smart and angular indie rock with odd timing, build ups, melody and wit that pulls influence more from bands like Slint, Drive Like Jehu and Unwound than the hardcore of the member’s other projects.

Stay tuned for more info and check their tunes on Bandcamp in the meantime.

Fell To Low: Bandcamp

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