Review: BackBreaker – Cursed For Life

cursed for life

Dutch band BackBreaker from Tilburg, the Netherlands, is of one of the newest editions to the Noord-Brabant hardcore scene. The guys have put out a 3-track EP called Cursed For Life, a short, fast and aggressive, to-the-point release.

The songs are about personal struggles towards others and mainly an outburst of pure frustration towards the world. It might be something we are not unfamiliar with in hardcore lyrics, but it is what this type of music is based on. You can sense these guys are really trying to vent all the crap the world throws at them and that is quite a refreshing take on the music that is being put out lately in this scene.

Best song, I would have to say is ‘Bad Luck’. It is extremely fast and harsh with some interesting takes on punk music. It shows this band is trying different stuff and is already creating a style that works for them without caring on what is cool right now.

Great, little detail is that the artwork is made in the true DIY spirit by one of the guys self with nothing more than a pen, some paper and a scanner.

I can honestly say I am looking forward to see what these guys are going to come up with in the future. You can check the EP on their Bandcamp-page found in the links and player below.

BackBreaker: Facebook / Bandcamp

Written by Ruben Middelweerd

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