Review: Nine Eleven – 24 Years

Nine Eleven

Nine Eleven is a somewhat cynical hardcore/punk group from Le Mans, France. 24 Years is their fifth release and showcases a much more matured sound than when they started nine years ago.

Influenced by Spermbirds, Bane, black metal, and pretty much everything they get irritated, mad or sad about. These guys make music that “sounds like Nirvana under amphetamines with three needles in each arm”. Well, those are their own words, but to me 24 Years sounds like a great mix of straight edge hardcore and thrash metal with sludge and metalcore touches.

“24 years is a kind of 6 acts tragedy, relating sensible experiences we got from this world in a chronological narrative order, that the weft and literary structure is inspired straight from Goethe’s “Faust”. This record is about the story of the One who’s living, the ones who’re singing it along, and the monster who’s looking for turning everything alive into incorporated death,” states the press release.

The above is an accurate description of what this album sounds like. Six songs full of anger and angst. 24 Years kicks off with double attack ‘Fleeing From God… / …Defying The Sea’, which together are a great summary of what is yet to come. Tasty riffs and catchy hooks, mixed with emotional vocals, sludgy and melodic parts. ‘Face The Triangle’ is the most dynamic track on the album, mixing Slayer-worshiping-thrash-riffs with blastbeats and breakdowns.

What makes this release unique and stand out to similiar releases are the short heavy ‘squeeks’ and guitar eruptions that mostly only last a couple of seconds but make things a lot more metal. Album closer ‘Never Fear A Goodbye’ is nine minutes long and showcases that Nine Eleven can flirt with even more genres. Fans of post-rock bands like Mogwai and Explosions in the Sky will be very pleased by the last half of the song.

24 Years is downloadable for free on Nine Eleven’s Bandcamp right now, so if you are into bands like Parkway Drive, Verse, Architects, Celeste and Converge this is something you must really check out.

Track List24 years:

  1. Fleeing From God…
  2. …Defying The Sea
  3. Face The Triangle
  4. Into The Storm
  5. Under The Foam
  6. Never Fear A Goodbye

Nine Eleven: Blogspot / Bandcamp / Facebook

Written by Niels Koster

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