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Album of the Month: With Increase – Death is Inevitable

With Increase - Death is Inevitable

During the 1990s, Florida gave birth to some classic hardcore music. It’s almost 20 years later and the FLHC scene is still far from dead and buried. Signed to Blood and Ink Records, With Increase is one of the many devoted bands keeping that fire burning. Their home-grown brand of melodic yet brutish hardcore captures perfectly the energy and passion currently coming out of the Florida hardcore scene. Death is Inevitable is the band’s first release since debut EP Signs of the Time in 2011, and thankfully it was worth the wait.

The intro kicks off with a sludgy riff, accompanied by a poignant guitar melody and some impassioned vocals, giving the listener a glimpse of what’s to come. Second track ‘Bones’ brings to life With Increase’s ability to alternate between fast-paced hostility and relentless, forlorn breakdowns – a frequent feature of this record. The guitar melodies on this album are a highlight, the lingering melodic notes on ‘Fort Lonesome’ and ‘Get me Out’ shine through in particular. Kevin Bernsten’s limited production works to With Increase’s advantage and emphasises their raw energy and ragged sound.

An integral part of any half-decent hardcore album is the lyrics. Death is Inevitable is no exception and talks about consequences of peoples actions, prejudices and the pain these things can cause, all from a Christian viewpoint. The singer’s coarse and intimidating voice delivers this expressive message flawlessly – and at times boasts a slight similarity to Have Heart’s Patrick Flynn. The album’s shortest song ‘Comatose’ is hauntingly powerful, and showcases the bands flair for combining emotive lyrics and guttural music. There are obvious influences from 90s hardcore in this record along with the metallic sounds of bands like Poison the Well and Killing the Dream.

Some songs on Death is Inevitable do lack variety, and at times the album wants for some truly stand out moments. However as a first full length it is a valiant attempt from a band which is obviously enormously passionate about their craft. If you are a fan of moving melodic hardcore that still packs an almighty punch then give Death is Inevitable a listen, or if you live in Florida, go see a show!

Track list – Death is Inevitable:

1. Intro
2. Bones
3. Intolerance Plague
4. Fort Lonesome
5. Comatose
6. Anathema
7. The Accuser
8. Untitled
9. Get me Out
10. Hell for Myself

With IncreaseFacebook / Bandcamp / Pre-order Death Is Inevitable

Written by Alfie Nobes

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