With Increase Put Up Pre-Orders and New Song

With Increase

With Increase has teamed up with Under The Gun to stream their song ‘Anathema’ off their upcoming release Death Is Inevitable, available February 25, 2014 via Blood & Ink Records. ‘Anathema’ is about learning how to pace myself in life, not allowing my shortcomings and failures to overcome and dictate the man I want to be,” says frontman Will Steinbrecher.

With Increase is one of the newest and most fierce bands to come out of Florida’s 90s-hardcore revival. After earning an enthusiastic fan base among the Florida hardcore community, the group signed to Blood & Ink Records and debuted in November 2011 with a cassette release of their EP, Signs of the Time.

Pre-orders for Death Is Inevitable are available now via the Blood & Ink Records webstore.

With IncreaseFacebook / Bandcamp / Pre-order Death Is Inevitable

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