Review: Forsaken – Amongst Gods, Below Man.


Forsaken is the kind of band everyone should make themselves familiar with. Forsaken represents the best of both worlds, they have the finest elements of both hardcore and thrash metal. On top of that they bring it in a package that’s interesting for the current hardcore fan/participant but also the nostalgic ones who wish the 80’s/90’s never ended. Think Leeway, Cro-Mags, Merauder and even a twist of Warzone packed together in that well known UK sound. Now these crossover revivalists have released their newest records called Amongst Gods, Below Man. through Neutral Words Records and it’s quite the experience.

‘Senctenced Eternal’ starts with an eery drone of sound along with a sample from Conan to get you battle-ready. When the first riff hits you’re already doing side to sides where possible. The heavy riffing along with the fast intense drumming and the high pitched vocals of Joseph are a perfect mix that works well for Forsaken. It has worked perfectly for them since their release of No Peace and they’ve progressed in their sound. It’s like they started the band to achieve this record. Every step they take is one step to the next level.

‘Iron Rain’ is the second tracks and starts off hard immediately. Joseph’s vocals grew a lot since the 2013 demo and sound even thrashier than before. Robby’s drums are outstanding as always. His drum technique is very recognizable and gives Forsaken that unique backbone. The solo that starts around the two minute mark has that early Metallica feel to it which hits the spot perfectly. The heavy riffing at the end is just perfect for the mosh. This song covers all the essentials that is needed to create crossover.

 ‘Mortal Man’ is a more straight forward fast hardcore track. The thrash vibes are never left out by Forsaken, but you can clearly hear that this has a more Merauder/NYHC approach to it, dipped in Leeway and covered with that UK crisp sound. The low vocals are a nice and fresh addition.

‘Beholder II’ is the ending track to this record. It starts of slow and heavy. The main riff that starts at 0:40 and speeds up is so catchy, it’s been in my head all week. The Leeway/Cro-Mags vibes in this song are unbelievable. The low vocals that we heard in ‘Mortal Man’ are re-introduced and given more space. The amount of experimenting with the vocals styles are very high in this song and along with the progression of the riffs make this the most outstanding and interesting song on the record. The triplet pattern by Robby at the end is just a brick in the face and the finishing touch this song needed.

Bands like Forsaken are the reason UK hardcore is in such good shape. After the first two demo’s expectations have been leading up to this, and the record is better than I could ever expect. Solid crossover record with elements of all the greatest 90’s hardcore and thrash bands all packed together in that solid Forsaken sound. I will jam this record until I can look forward to the next one! For fans of: Leeway, Cro-Mags, Merauder, Metallica, Nuclear Assault, Warzone, SSD, Drawn In, War Charge, Bleak Reality.

Track list – Amongst Gods, Below Man.

1. Sentenced Eternal
2. Iron Rain
3. Mortal Man
4. Beholder II

Forsaken: Facebook / Bandcamp

Written by Nigel

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