Review: Title Fight – Spring Songs

Title Fight

Title Fight have earned themselves a pretty formidable reputation throughout the course of their 10-year career. I think it’s safe to say their blend of rampant guitar sounds and angst driven vocals has won the hearts of numerous, dedicated fans. From the stripped back and shamelessly punky sounds of the Kingston 7” and The Last Thing You Forget to the more crafted, but no less spirited Shed and Floral Green, Title Fight never seem to drop the ball. Released through Revelation Records, Spring Songs takes Title Fight back to the 7” format – a long standing favourite of hardcore punk bands. It further explores the grunge spattered sound of Floral Green, without forgetting their unremitting ability for writing overwhelming hardcore punk anthems.

Opener ‘Blush’ creates a sense of nostalgia, reminding the listener of the bands’ roots in harsh, fast- paced punk, before sliding bit by bit into the grungier ‘Be a Toy’. ‘Be a Toy’ is typical of Title Fight’s new musical direction, oozing with grungy overtones and accompanied warmly by Jamie Rhoden’s captivating vocal lines. Penultimate track ‘Receiving Line’ takes the EP down another gear. This rhythmic, gloomy song delivers Title Fight’s classic angst riddled vibe to a tee. The fuzzy feedback, thoughtful lyrics and an overall otherworldly feel, shows Title Fight leaning towards the brooding side of their sound once again. For me, it’s a highlight of the record. ‘Hypnotize’ then injects some hardcore punk vigour back into Spring Songs, rounding off the EP in typical Title Fight style.

The raw, frenzied and downright heroic sound of Shed will always hold a special place in my heart, and to this day is my favorite Title Fight record. However, the styles explored on Floral Green and now Spring Songs are by no means a step in the wrong direction. Spring Songs delivers an alluring taste of where this band is heading; it’s an insightfully structured EP, expertly produced and delivers everything expected of a Title Fight record.

If you haven’t listened to this band yet – and you really should have, then check out Spring Songs.

Track list – Spring Songs:

1. Blush
2. Be a Toy
3. Receiving Line
4. Hypnotize

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Written by Alfie Nobes

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