Live Review: Bane + Power Trip + 2 @ Bibelot, 5 November 2013

Bane is back in Europe and with them they brought the metal sensation from Texas, Power Trip and Blkout from Perth, Australia! It is always great welcoming new faces to Europe and the guys were feeling ready to conquer new territory.

First up was the Dutch, local band Tarantino. Playing a very punk influenced kind of hardcore, these guys are tough and pulled through personal matters to make the show a success. It is something that not every band knows how to do and they deserve every credit for it.

Blkout hit the stage with an amazing use of Halloween props they found backstage. Tombstones and a huge black bat filled the stage as the band started their set. Heavy riffs and killer solos, an overall metallic hardcore sound hit hard and got the crowd going. The band started off sick, but only got harder nearing the end of their set.

Power Trip, I came across this band on one of the editions of Triple B’s America’s Hardcore Compilation, went nuts as usual. Even the bar staff was standing front row, bashing on the edge of the stage. An incredible performance for those who are into metal or into hardcore, it appeals to any fan of heavy music.

As I said, Bane is back and they still don’t care about other people’s shit. They are outcasts and are still in that pure and honest hardcore mindset. This is something you will pick up during the show, not only through what Aaron Bedard preaches, but the whole band breathes true hardcore: Don’t care about what others think and go to shows to keep this thing called the hardcore scene growing. It was an amazing night and an amazing band to end the night with.

Photos by Anne Carolien Köhler –  facebook

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