Review: Wasted Bullet – Elegy


Wasted Bullet, a band that has set the tone for metalcore bands in the Netherlands has a new album. Elegy is the name of their 2013 release and the band’s answer to everyone who has an opinion about the metalcore genre. The album will be released on 15 November 2013 through Suburban Records.

‘Grain of Sand’ is a great melodic opener that has you enthralled in a wave of melodies that you find throughout the entire album, just to shake you up with a smashing build-up of a guitar riff. The sweet melody turns into this metallic chaos, accompanied by the harsh voice of front man, Robbert, who has surely stepped up his game when looking back at previous releases of the band.

The first in-your-face-track is ‘Devolution’, a hard song with a strong opinion about a species that is ruining this planet, called Homo sapiens, or humans. Lyrics like these are what we know Wasted Bullet for, a band that will not mince their words. Check out the video below:

Which brings us to the next song, ‘Mouth Runner’, hear: “so, come at me, I will keep running my mouth”. This song has an interesting take on white people who act tough, but are all show and no go, a big annoyance to many I am sure. It gives a great example of the harshness in which this band likes to express itself, but isn’t that a bit of hypocrisy? I can assure you, it is not. Go see a Wasted Bullet show and go talk to guys afterwards, you will see for yourself.

The guys have shot a video for ‘Mouth Runner’ that has yet to be released, but check out this little clip of the guys going a little bananas on the set:

The songs on this album go about multiple subjects like religion, 21’st century bands, personal problems and even fat people… I mean “the ill”. You can hate these guys for having an opinion, but at least they have one. I cannot say I share every opinion they have, but you have to give them credit for being ruthlessly honest.

Musically this album is great. It has awesome metallic riffage and some crazy breaks that are sure to get the kids going during the life show. The drums are great, amazingly tight and have set the right foundation for the rest of this album.

Elegy is a great album and an eye-opener for the metalcore genre. Wasted Bullet is not just any band, but a solid formation of hardworking guys who do have a lot of fun, but who have something to say in the meantime.

Keep an eye open for the release and go check it out!

Tacklist – Elegy:

01- Grain of Sand
02- Devolution
03- Mouth Runner
04- Pro Ana
05- 21st Century Con Artist
06- Icarus
07- Sanctuary
08- Elegy
09- xJesusx
10- Scum of the Earth
11- Balthasar
12- I See the End

Wasted Bullet: Facebook / Twitter / Tumblr / Pre-order Elegy!

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