Review: Reflections – Supreme


In Hardcore, the Youth Crew movement was quite dominant in the mid 80’s and 90’s. Started by legendary band Youth Of Today, it aspired many other bands with it’s positive message, sense of unity and a heavy but more melodic approach. In the early 00’s their was a revival of the Youth Crew sound. Since then Youth Crew elements are again becoming more and more dominant in today’s bands, which takes me to Reflections. Active under this name since 2012 the German Youth Crew (inspired) band has released the 7” Serve the Truth, Defy the Lie, which had some good response throughout the community. Now they’re back with the new record called Supreme.

Supreme is released through Farewell Records and a solid Youth Crew (revival) jam. ‘Drowned In Hoax’ has some solid riffing from Stefan Pohland and sounds as if it could’ve easily been 90’s era. This band is the revival of early Hardcore in general. ‘Not Afraid’ has guest vocals by Ronny Strehle  which sound very solid and refreshing. Matthias Leuschner’s voice reminds me of a Hardcore version of early UK punk bands. Think Clash, Crass, Sex Pistols with a rough Youth Crew edge. in ‘Sick World’ Sven Hertrich provides a very groovy baseline that interacts perfectly with the drum work of Martin Tengg.

‘When The World Turns’ is a slower more heavy sounding track. The track and it’s general vibe reminds me of Side By Side, Michael Krahl appears as another guest vocalist which is a nice addition to the track. ‘Supreme’ is another Hardcore Punk jam. The track sounds like a fusion between Bad Brains and early Agnostic Front. In fact I hear a lot of similarities between Matthias his voice and H.R. ‘Hold On’ has a more melodic vibe to it that is also seen in Turning Point‘s later work. Last but not least is ‘Till Death’. This song is originally by Brotherhood and also covered by Ten Yard Fight. All three versions sound different but all of them are equally good. The outstanding voice of Matthias gives this cover it’s own identity.

In my opinion Reflections has the perfect mix of old school hardcore. The high punk level seen in 80’s Hardcore bands, The heaviness of early NYHC pioneers and a blend of all the Youth Crew aspects to top it of. Along with the DIY attitude and PMA mentality they are the embodiment of hardcore revival. ‘When The World Turns’ and ‘Supreme’ are the most outstanding tracks for me but the whole record is just solid, the Brotherhood cover is a very nice addition. This record is for every nostalgic 80’s fan, crucial to every Youth Crew dude and of course solid for all the hardcore kids in general. For Fans Of: Side By Side, Bad Brains, early Agnostic Front, Brotherhood, Turning Point, Risk It, Light It Up and Clearview.

Track list – Supreme:
1. Drowned In Hoax
2. Not Afraid
3. Sick World
4. When The World Turns
5. Supreme
6. Hold On
7. Till Death (Brotherhood Cover)

Reflections: Facebook / Bandcamp

Written by – Nigel

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