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Recap of CNHC Hardcore Fest in China

Last weekend, the second edition of CNHC festival took place at Mao Livehouse in Beijing, China. The line-up included local acts such as Unregenerate Blood, Return the Truth, xIt Never Happenedx, and Provocation, plus Loudspeaker and Spill Your Guts from Shanghai, King Ly Chee from Hong Kong, Swallow Order from Changsha, and Born Free from Dongbei. It was a milestone for the Asian hardcore scene, according to Riz from King Ly Chee:

“This video encompasses everything that “we” as hardcore kids in China have been fighting for… Some of us (like ourselves) have been at this game since ’99, trying to get the word out about the meaning/message behind hardcore. This was the second annual CNHC hardcore festival and demonstrated all that’s beautiful about a young, energetic hardcore movement… Bands from all over China coming together for this, people traveling 15 hours on a train – the fest was managed and organized by the hardcore kids of Beijing and supported by hardcore kids from all over the world. It was a beautiful night and the song chosen as the soundtrack (a song by us called ‘CNHC’) could not be a more appropriate song to be used – a song about bringing together this big massive country of ours.”

Initiatives such as CNHC festival proves that hardcore lives world wide. Support your local scene – buy merch from local bands, go to local shows, print merch and start zines.

Keep an eye out for King Ly Chee: they’re touring Europe to celebrate their 15 year anniversary, presented by Stronger Bookings.

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