Review: Bent Life – Full Skull


Nebraska’s Bent Life released a self titled EP last year and are now coming with an EP through 6131 Records called Full Skull. After touring in America with bands as Expire, Bitter End and Naysayer, they are now ready to take it to a new level. This album was recorded by Tayler Young (Nails, Rotting Out, Xibalba) and mixed by Brad Boatright (Tragedy, Sleep, Integrity).

This EP starts of with something you can expect from the whole record. Old school Hardcore riffs! It is not only up-tempo, but it has a lot of groove to it and sometimes a slight beatdown feeling. Although it is no new sound and you can hear this kind of Hardcore from more than 100 bands, it still has something unique to this record that makes it different. Compared to their old EP they have grown in their sound, style and aggression. The songs are more diverse then you hear on Bent Life.

This EP is a good, listenable record. It is more than what you expect from your ordinary Hardcore EP. This record can be recommended for fans of Expire, Risk It!Backtrack and Harms Way.

Track list – Full Skull:

1. Full Skull
2. Bricks
3. Ill intent/Cut the rope
4. Drag

Bent Life: Facebook / Twitter / Order Full Skull

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