Loss Of Self Stream New Song And Put Up Pre-Orders


Melbourne, Australia’s formidable black metal entity Loss Of Self has teamed up with avant-garde metal label The Flenser to release an EP entitled 12 Minutes, the post-black metal outfit’s follow-up to their highly acclaimed 2012 debut demo. Available worldwide on September 3rd on vinyl, CD, and digital formats, 12 Minutes features six brand new songs as well as remastered versions of the original three demo tracks clocking in at just under 30 minutes. 12 Minutes was mastered by James Plotkin (SUNN O))), NADJA, ISIS) and the dark, sweeping soundscapes realized by members Jacob, Rohan, Thomas, and Michael exhibit a coherence of post-rock and twisted black metal that surpasses all musical boundaries and restrictions.

Loss Of Self began in mid 2012 as a self-contained two person group. Upon the completion of the 2012 Demo, the band grew into what is now the full line up featured on the 12 Minutes EP. Loss Of Self is currently working on a full-length release and has future plans for live performances.

Track list – 12 Minutes:

1. Paradise Overgrown
2. Isolt
3. Twelve Minutes
4. There Must be Great Wisdom with Great Death
5. ( )
6. The Free Intelligence
7. The Inheritance (Demo Track Remastered)
8. The Mind; It’s Form and Function (Demo Track Remastered)
9. Seidlitz (Demo Track Remastered)

Check out the song “There Must Be Great Wisdom With Great Death” here as it premiered on Pitchfork and pre-order the 12 Minutes EP here.

Loss Of Self: Facebook / Bandcamp

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