Review: Raw Justice – We Don’t Need Your Friends


Raw Justice is a 5-piece Hardcore band that’s fairly new to the scene. Members have been active in other Hardcore bands like No Solution, Black Page and Viewing Men Fall. However Raw Justice exists since late 2012 so they haven’t had much time to build a name for themselves. The fact that they’re from France, a country that is not known for a thriving Hardcore scene isn’t helping out much either. Now they’ve released their debut EP called We Don’t Need Your Friends through Straight & Alert Records, Proud Records and Life to Live Records and this EP will determine their reputation.

‘Intro/No Tolerance’ sets the tone for the record and style-wise you can hear they’re inspired by the Boston Hardcore scene. This band is clearly influenced by Boston Strangler, Rival Mob and of course No Tolerance. ‘Take a Pill’ is taking the tone even further. Raw Justice chooses to mix in some late 90’s Youth Crew elements to supplement that Boston sound which works really well for me personally. ‘Raw Justice’ is the third track and isn’t a breather. This record is pure energetic aggression. A lot of the songs sound like Floorpunch on steroids.

‘Weak Minded’ has a slow/fast transition in it that is also seen in Boston Strangler material. The drums of Raw Justice aren’t too dominant but still out there enough. The bass sounds filthy and the riffs are hard and heavy. The duration of the tracks are short with most of them being just over one minute but it really works well for this band. ‘Enough’ is a longer song with a running time of almost two minutes. It builds up and starts slower and immediately makes it sound heavier. ‘No Friends’ is the ending of this EP. It’s the perfect ending because it’s nothing less than a Raw Justice song. It’s raw, energetic, aggressive and very Boston.

Raw Justice just sounds raw and if you told me this band was from Boston, I wouldn’t argue with you. This is one of the strongest debut EP’s I’ve heard in a while and I expect nothing less from their next release. I recommend this band to anyone who’s into more old school stuff. It’s bands like this that will keep up the good name of Hardcore. For fans of: Rival Mob, Boston Strangler, No Tolerance, Floorpunch, xDIGx, No Solution, Black Page, Viewing Men Fall, Youth Crew, 90’s Hardcore.

Track list – We Don’t Need Your Friends:

1) Intro/No Tolerance
2) Take A Pill
3) Raw Justice
4) Weak Minded
5) Enough
6) No Friends

Raw Justice: Facebook / Bandcamp

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