Take Offense Reveal Details New Record

Take Offense - United State of Mind

Chula Vista, California’s Take Offense have revealed details of their forthcoming Reaper Records release United State of Mind. The album follows up 2011’s landmark full-length The Tables Will Turn, and pre-orders are expected to be shipped out late September. The record is available on clear (300), green (700) and silver (1000) vinyl.

Check new song ‘Place Your Bet’ in the SoundCloud player below.

Track list – United State of Mind

1. United States Of Mind
2. Place Your Bet
3. Ascend Master
4. Criminals
5. I’ll Smoke You (One Step Ahead)
6. No Room
7. Plain Talks
8. Without You
9. Broke & Infamous
10. With Death Comes Near

Take OffenseFacebook / Pre-order United State of Mind

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