Review: Concrete – Deadlock


Concrete is a Hardcore band that has been around since 2010. In 2011 they released their first demo and in 2012 they started recording for their first full length. Now that full length record is out, released through Innerstrength Records. The record is called Deadlock and is a NYHC inspired 8-track album.

‘No Way Out’ is the record’s opening track and starts heavy. You can immediately hear the NYHC influences: Sick of It All, Madball, Agnostic Front riffs and vibes are very dominant. ‘Bitter Thoughts’ is a faster more thrashy sounding track and a lot faster than the first one. The band is very energetic and will get people moving; it’s Hardcore to the bone.’Final Sunset’ is hard and mean, the group shouts fit in well in this track and again you just hear the NYHC sound dripping off of it. ‘Street Wolves’ is the fourth track and doesn’t really sound different than the rest. It’s just heavy and in your face.

‘Fair Warning’ starts with some catchy riffing and builds up for a while until the vocals kick in. This track is also slower and more simplistic (at least it feels that way) which is quite refreshing to be honest. The record was getting a bit boring and this track is enough to keep me interested. ‘Quicksand’ is another slow and hard banger but with this track we move back to the repetitive Concrete sound. ‘Solitude’ has a more groovy sound to it and stands out on the record. The song also makes room for two-step inspired drums which is a nice bonus. The last track ‘Deadlock’ is the expected ending to this record, a heavy Hardcore song with a mean twist and the NYHC characteristics.

Concrete is good in what they do: they play NYHC and they do it right. However, as much as I love NYHC this record is getting repetitive after a while. They try and mix it up a bit on songs like ‘Fair Warning’ and ‘Solitude’ and those songs are right away the best on the record. New York has brought many good bands to the table and this record is well mixed, heavy and tight, but it lacks variety. Having said that, this band is still worth checking out and I think a lot of people will like this record. For fans of: Agnostic Front, Madball, Sick Of It All, Merauder, Sheer Terror, Judge, Breakdown, Crown Of Thornz and Alpha & Omega.

Tracklist – Deadlock:

1. No Way Out
2. Bitter Thoughts
3. Final Sunset
4. Street Wolves
5. Fair Warning
6. Quicksand
7. Solitude
8. Deadlock

Concrete: Facebook / Bandcamp


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