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Cro-Mags Vocalist John Joseph Runs for Charity


John Joseph will take part in a triathlon. John is of course known for his legendary career in NYHC band Cro-Mags and now he will give something back to the NY community with his charity work. The foundation he is racing for, Covenant House, helps street kids and homeless mothers and you can help out by sponsoring/donating to John Joseph. His goal was to raise $2,500 and already around received $3,800. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t help out! John released a statement on his personal page which you can read below.

 So I am racing the NYC Aquafor Triathlon July 14th for Covenant House.  They help street kids as well as homeless young mothers.  I won’t go into detail of what unspeakable things happened to some of these young people, but what I will talk about is the amazing love, help and care Covenant House gives them.  Its unvbelievable.  They do everything to help these young people strive forward in their lives.  Housing for teens who were homeless as well as mothers with infants,  job training programs, education, counceling, job placement and much much more.  This is a cause that’s dear to my heart because I was a street kid and thankfully people reached out to me as well.  Look, helping the youth who are the future is a very important cause.  I initially pledged $1,500 dollars but after visiting their center in Manahtan I raised it to $2,500.  You can donate to the link or write them a check.  Its ALL tax deductible.  If you do write a check just put in the memo before you send it that it’s for John Joseph McGowan’s fundraiser.  Give whatever you can. It’s good karma and will def come back to you.  I will be donating out of my own pocket to this as well as training hard.  Peace and PMA to all!  John J.

For more information or if you want to donate/help out go here.

You can also catch Cro-Mags live on Ieperfest in August!

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