Worldwide Hardcore Needs Financial Help for Publication “An Insight Into A Global Scene”

WWHC - An Insight Into A Global Scene

Worldwide Hardcore has started a crowdfunding project through Indiegogo to fund the publication of Matthias Leushner’s book “An Insight Into A Global Scene”. The book takes you on a journey through the development and history of Hardcore music in more than 60 countries. “An Insight Into A Global Scene” is divided in two parts. Part one discusses the disappearing, change, and comparison of generations, the origin of DIY and the impact of the World Wide Web, the Straight Edge movement, and the clinch between subgenres and subcultures. Part two gives you an insight into the Hardcore music scenes of more than 60 countries. Expect input from bands like Terror, Madball, H20, Bane, Relentless, Xibalba, Anchor, No Warning, and many others.

This is an exciting and extensive project that deserves your support. There are many ways to contribute, starting at 5 euros. Among the rewards are your named mentioned in the acknowledgements of the book, a WWHC t-shirt, LP’s, Fluff Fest tickets, etc. See all options at Indiegogo.

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