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Album of the Month: Downpresser – Don’t Need a Reason


Downpresser is a band I followed from Perverted Justice through Age of Ignorance and now into the new record. The first two releases were good records but not very outstanding. It was good to listen to and had some solid jams but it never felt like records that you’ll remember forever. However, when the new album Don’t Need a Reason was announced through 6131 Records, I was eager to hear the new material. The album art is quite new and unexpected for them, and show a more mature and next level side. I hope the songs can live up to my expectations.

‘Twist of Fate’ is the first track and starts with no hesitation; hard hitting drums and a filthy guitar sound. Aggressive vocals are added to this mix of pure Hardcore. The artwork isn’t the only next level thing on this record, the band has grown so much and reinvented themselves. It’s heavier, filthier and just much better than before. Second song  ‘Don’t Need a Reason’ starts with groovy sounding drums and grows out to be a hard hitter with its metal like riffs and a slower pace. ‘Mercy on Judgement’ gives you no room to breathe. A full speed jam. Vocalist Dan Weinraub sounds more pissed off than ever. His vocals have grown more mature, and they’re just so much better now.

‘Next Life’ starts with some  chunky riffs and is a strong song with high energy and a mid-tempo pace that speeds up on occasion. This band does not like long introductions for there songs because ‘Bloodline’ drops in with a destroying riff to keep you moving. They show some more creative and progressive use of drums and guitar around 1:10 and really shows the band’s development. Benefit of the Doubt’ is a slow paced song that builds up, it takes a while for the vocals to kick in, but when they do the song just thrashes.

‘Lion’s Share’ is a fast Hardcore Punk influenced track that will blow you away. It’s only 0:38 and a perfect surprise that keeps the record fresh. ‘The Verdict’ is a fast paced song but isn’t that outstanding. ‘Crying Shame’ is another fast one but sounds more outstanding than ‘The Verdict’ because of the usage of the drums and the break around 1:06. Last but not least is ‘Beyond Recognition’, a song with a hidden track. It is hard and in-your-face with the filthiest riffs and hardest drums; it really sums up the whole record. The solo’s used in the track really shows the musicianship of this band.

Downpresser really showed what they’re made of and what they’ve developed since their last release. Next level songs and hard hitting jams. They also chose to show more creativity and progressive musical influences on this record which came out fantastic. The record gets boring at some points but it never gets bad. ‘Twist of Fate’, ‘Bloodline’, ‘Lion’s Share’ and ‘Beyond Recognition’ are the best tracks on the record in my opinion, and this record deserves to be the album of the month, and will be one of my favorites of 2013 for sure! For fans of: Creatures, Soul Search, Dead End Path, Naysayer, Bad Seed, Backtrack, Bitter End, Violation, Suburban Scum and Incendiary 

Track list – Don’t Need a Reason:

1. Twist of Fate
2. Don’t Need a Reason
3. Mercy On Judgement
4. Next Life
5. Bloodline
6. Benefit Of The Doubt
7. Lion’s Share
8. Crying Shame
9. The Verdict
10. Beyond Recognition

Downpresser: Facebook / Stream album / Order Don’t Need a Reason

Written by Nigel 

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