Interview: Death Before Dishonor

Death Before Dishonor

Boston Hardcore legends Death Before Dishonor are kicking off a European tour in June. With no new record out in three years, we thought it was time to ask vocalist Bryan Harris some questions about European touring, future plans, and the scene. Read all about the band’s exciting times ahead below.

Last year you were part of the Hell On Eath Tour – What was it like to tour Europe with such an impressive package?

“It was really cool to be part of the Hell On Earth Tour. We had done a few shows before with Walls of Jericho but to do an actual tour with them was awesome. It was also a plus since my guitarist Frankie is married to Candace so that was good. We had toured with Hundredth before; it’s always great to be on the road with them again. That was our first time playing with Betrayal, I really like the band and the guys in it as well. It was a great tour, everyone got along, we got to play in front of bigger crowds every night as well as kind of a mixed crowd so for us I feel like we may have played in front of some new people as well as older fans.”

What are your expectations for this run?

“Well the upcoming tour is in the middle of summer so thats always tough since many people have holidays and there are a lot of big fests going on but we have done it before. Definitely looking forward to some of the fests we are playing as well the smaller shows. I don’t really set any type of expectations, we will just go out and have fun like we always do!”

Death Before Dishonor hasn’t released a new record since 2009; do you start noticing this at shows? Were kids more excited when “Better Ways To Die” was just released?

“Yea it has been a while since our last record, it’s tough to say. It always helps to have a new record when you are touring, at the same time though kids like to hear older songs they know as well. I don’t know if I really notice much of a difference, we haven’t been touring as much in the last couple years so I think that helps with attendance. When you come to see DBD you know you can expect to see a high energy Hardcore show, I think that is definitely the most important thing to have kids coming back!”

Are there plans to record a new album in the near future?

“Yes there is. We had a few line-up issues in the last couple of years so between that and all the tours we have done four years flies by. Anyways all the line-up issues are worked out, we are going into the studio to record three new songs and a cover for a 7inch that will be released late summer on Bridge 9 Records. We will also go in and record a new full length at the end of the year for a early 2014 release as well. We were hoping to have the 7inch out for Europe but unfortunately it will be out right after. We will be playing at least one new song though.”

Do you think you’d take a new musical direction when writing new material or would you stick to your roots?

“No we will stick to what we do best. With every record I think we progress a little with songwriting but as far as musical direction it will be the same. We are a Hardcore band that tends to put some Metal and Punk influences into our music so we will continue to do that!”

How do you keep the spirit and DIY alive after so many years of touring?

“Being involved in Hardcore for as long as I have been it’s pretty much instilled in me. At the end of the day we are still just a Hardcore band that has been fortunate to tour the world but without the people that support us we wouldn’t be able to do what we do. I also feel like the older I get and the more tours we are able to do I appreciate it more than ever.”

Do you feel you’re still involved with the news bands that are popping up?

“I definitely try to stay as involved as I can be. anytime I hear of a new band I will listen to them and I try to go to as many Hardcore shows as I can. It gets tougher the older I get and the more responsibilities I have. Hardcore is at a great point, there are a lot of bands and good bands that play well and do it for the right reasons, that makes it pretty easy to stay up on newer bands.”

What are your priorities when not tour?

“I just work a lot, I drive a truck for a company but work a lot of hours. That tends to take up most of my time. Lately writing this new record has been a major priority. We are really looking forward to recording and getting new music out.”

Could you recommend any up and coming Boston bands?

“There are alot of good current Boston and Boston area bands. I’ve been listening to Rude Awakening, Rival Mob, Dick Move, East Beast, Tennabrae, Yellow Stiches they are from New Hampshire but are great and close enough, Boxed In, Reason To Fight those bands are from Providence and should be checked out!”

Death Before Dishonor is touring Europe from July 12th until August 10th. Check an updated tour routing here.

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