Review: Meet The Storm – to what end…

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Meet The Storm hails from the dark streets of Rotterdam, and prove that Europe’s large port city can provide loud bands. The band mixes Hardcore with Southern riffs and Metal influences supply you with your daily amount of noise. After years of touring all across Europe, they finally released their first full lenght album called to what end…, out on White Russian Records.

‘Saviours’ is the first track on this record. Within the first two seconds you’ll hear that this is not your ordinairy Metal/Hardcore band. It’s clear that the quintet is heavily influenced by Southern Rock vibes, which are incorporated in this album. After a slow and soft country intro it right away kicks in with some amazing heavy riffs. Not long into the song the Rock ’n’ Roll changes in a more commercial version, which should not be interpreted as something bad. The mix between clean, raw and screaming vocals is a perfect mix you rarerly hear in any band.

‘Lesson ’39’, ‘A.A. Pre-school’ and ‘Take Back the Poison’ are up next. It still amazes me how good every guitar riff, vocal line, drum fill, and bassline fit together. I’m convinced that this band is one of the few in this world that shows you dont need high speed riffs or fast drum rolls. So far it remains all very simple but very well thought out. The change between the clean and catchy vocals and the more heavy parts of the songs really keep the songs interesting to listen to.

Halfway through the album and ‘Speaking in Forked Tongues’, ‘Dead Eyes Don’t Speak” and “Yosemite Sam’s Curse” are up. Starting with a more down-tempo song is a nice change, but it slowly picks up in speed again. You can hear they are using more than the basic guitar/drum/bass/vocal set-up. The use of a Hammond in one of their songs, for example, just adds this little extra touch. It keep amazing me how well thought out this album is.

It’s time for the final three songs: ‘Raymond K. Hessel’, ‘Atlantis Conspiracy’, and ‘Raindog Blues’. Till now every song has at least one chorus that everyone can sing along to. I do get the feeling the last three songs have more Rock ’n’ Roll feeling to it; a bit more groove than the past songs. The ending of the record is amazingly done with a epic build-up which really surprised me, as it is a unexpected twist to the song and album.

I think there is just one word for this record: AMAZING! It has been a really, really long time since I heard a record this good. Everything is brilliantly conceveid to the smallest details. Meet The Storm has a unique sound that the whole world should hear. Normally we dont give ratings about albums but I would give this one 9/10. You can order this record through White Russian Records, and keep an eye out for Meet The Storm, they will soon play a town near you for sure!

Track list – to what end…

1. Saviours
2. Lesson ’39
3. AA Pre-school
4. Take Back The Poison
5. Speaking In Forked Tongues
6. Dead Eyes Don’t Speak
7. Yosemite Sam’s Curse
8. Raymond K. Hessel
9. Atlantis Conspiracy
10. Raindog Blues

Meet The Storm: Web / Facebook / Order to what end…

Written by Patrick Batenburg

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