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Exclusive: Striking Justice Tour Diary Pt. 4

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Our buddies in Striking Justice have rounded up their tour in Europe and this is the last episode of the series of tour diaries. The guys toured in support of their October 2012 release De Verharding, which came out through White Russian Records. In seventeen days, Striking Justice played in eight different countries in Western, Eastern and Southern parts of Europe.

Good friend of the band and merch-guy/roadie Erik wrote the fourth and final part of the diary:

“The van stops at a truckstop near my house. Everybody gets out, we hug and promise each other to meet again soon. Its the end of tour, tomorrow is a schoolday for me. Rens has his first bussiness appointment at 9am. Into the night I see the van disappear, I shake my head and laugh. These 3 weeks have been crazy. Especially the last two days in Munster (Germany) and Zwolle (Netherlands) where great.

As I walk to my house I see a man walking his dog, I always see him walk his dog, it is my neighbor. I also see him head off to work everyday. He seems to live a routine. I feel as if the world does not turn, it sometimes feels as if we just drive around it. I greet him and he looks at me as if it is the saddest thing he ever saw. He is probably gonna tell his wife what a pity it is that I am making a mess of my life. I dont care, because what I have seen, the relationships I have build with my friends, the people I’ve met and the miles we’ve made are a product of passion.

Striking Justice is an awesome band. Not only because they make beautiful music but even more because they are five nomads heading out for new adventures everyday. In a few weeks the band will start their first SE Asia tour, but for now I am sleeping.


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Picture by Erik Luchtenberg

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