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Album of the Month: Rotting Out – The Wrong Way

Rotting Out The Wrong Way

Our album of the month is no less than Rotting Out’s The Wrong Way. Their 2013 full length and follow up of Street Prowl. This record is a true follow up, in sound and feel. It screams Los Angeles hardcore and takes Street Prowl and kicks it up a notch. The songs are rawer, old school and have even more of a rock ‘n roll feel to them.

The album opens with the title track, combined with the ever so wonderful sound of a board hitting the streets. A thundering drum and bass intro, caught up by a shredding guitar dying out into that true punk feel of the band. Everything to give a kid like me goose bumps. The energy is incredible.

Throughout the record you hear one topic comeback time after time: Society. As a true hardcore record is supposed to be this record preaches the ideals and standards of the scene. It says “fuck you” to all those people and companies that are trying to keep kids down and believe in labelling those who are different and “who have no place in society”.

The album ends with ‘Bangarang’, a slow one that keeps building up. It is a scream out to the world. It is a song about life and all its struggles. It is a true hardcore song in its purest form, dying out in nothing else than ‘Sleepwalk’ by Santo and Johnny, a true classic.

Rotting Out has brought us their authentic and classic hardcore, punk, skater sound yet again. Listening back to Street Prowl you can hear the band’s progression, but they have not lost their touch. It is great to see a band so secure in their own sound, because it is daring to create two albums so alike. If you truly listen to the new record it is quite different and on a whole new level. Rotting Out did it again.

Tracklist – The Wrong Way:

01. The Wrong Way
02. Blade Of Rust
03. One More Kiss
04. A Question
05. Stab
06. The Shoot Out
07. Verbal Risk
08. No Clue
09. Roots & Will
10. Three Of Us
11. Bangarang

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