Interview: The Mongoloids


They’ve just released an amazing full length called Mongo Life, which was Album of the Month in May, and they’re about to land on European shores: The Mongoloids. We’re eager to present a short interview with Greg Falchetto about their release, his view on Hardcore, and future plans. Make sure to catch them at one of their shows!

What are your expectations for your European tour with Wrong Answer?

“In terms of expectations I try not to have too many going into tours other than to have fun with my friends and see as much as I can see anything past that is just an added bonus. However, Europe is always great to us and it will be awesome getting to tour over there with Wrong Answer.”

The title of your new album is Mongo Life, can you define “Mongo Life”?

“Mongo Life is self discovery. It is living a life for yourself. It is doing things the way you want to do them. It is shaking your sillies out in the most ridiculous ways possible.”

What has been the drive for you guys to write/release a new album?

“It had been a few years since we released the “New Beginnings” EP and decided that if we were going to continue playing out it was time to write some new music. Not to mention this line up as a whole had been playing together for a few years so we really wanted to show people where we were at musically. I’m beyond proud of how this record turned out.”

You guys have been around for a while, do you think the hardcore scene has changed over the years?

“The hardcore scene changes constantly. It’s about staying consistent and true to your own interests and beliefs. Following trends and what not is for the birds!”

What is your vision for the future?

“I feel we have reached and maintained the goals we set out to do in terms of just being a Straight Edge Hardcore band that plays out as much as possible. I’m beyond proud of all we have done and continue to do. It seems most bands manage to lose track of their original goals set and I’m glad to say we haven’t. Beyond that I’m not really sure, we do what we can when we can but we definitely aren’t looking to over do it either. We like to keep it fresh and exciting!”

Any upcoming local bands you know of that we should look out for?

Blind Justice from the Jersey shore. They have a 7″ coming out this summer on Back to Back Records. Such a great band! Also Back and Forth, another New Jersey band making waves that you should definitely check out.”

What is your top 5 favourite records of the past few years?

1. Bright EyesThe People’s Key
2. BlacklistedHeavier Than Heaven Lonelier Than God
3. David BazanCurse Your Branches
4. Title FightFloral Green
5. Prisoner Abuse – S/T LP

Which bands (hardcore or non-hardcore) are you listening to and have been an influence for the new album and past releases?

Biohazard – S/T was a huge influence to this band in the beginning and still remains to be to this day. Megadeth – “Rust In Peace” was another big influence to this band especially on our “Assorted Music” release. I feel everyone in the bands different take on music and bands we listen to are what help mold each of our records to sound the way that they do.”

If you wouldn’t be in a hardcore band, where would you see yourself now?

“I really don’t know and have no care in finding out. Hardcore has been the most important thing in my life for the past 13 years and I wouldn’t have it any other way. It shaped and molded me to be the person I am today. Majority of the people in my life most important to me I met through Hardcore music.”

What does hardcore music and the scene mean to you?

It means the world to me. It’s my breath of fresh air.

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