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Exclusive: Striking Justice Tour Diary Pt. 3

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Our buddies in Striking Justice are currently rounding up their tour in Europe and they’ve teamed up with us to present their weekly tour diaries. The guys are touring in support of their October 2012 release De Verharding, which came out through White Russian Records. In seventeen days, Striking Justice will play in eight different countries in Western, Eastern and Southern parts of Europe. Make sure to attend the today’s show at Eureka to lose your mind on their new tracks!

Good friend of the band and merch-guy/roadie Erik wrote the third part of the diary:

“You would think Italy is all about pizza, pasta, nickelson jackets, guidos, fake boobs, fiat cars and olive oil. Well its not. Italy to us was hardly any sleep, a broken van and loosing alot of money on tollways and expensive food. Luckely my mom sent me a text saying: “you always still have each other”.

Some of the shows were pretty ok though, I want to thank our friend Mario for the cool show he put up for us. Also a shoutout to our guy Claudio who hooked us up with a place to crash at his cool mancave in Bologna.

Italy is far gone in my head as I woke up this morning at a beautiful river bedding in Swiss. I have never been to Swiss but I fell in love with it instantly, but you dont give a fuck I guess. You want to read about hardcore shows, music and lifestyle.

Well I’m not really the person who can tell you about what hardcore is or what it should be. I’m just the guy that makes sandwiches on the backseat of the van.

Below you can see our new video that contains images of me topless in a cinderella room. Enjoy.”

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Picture by Erik Luchtenberg

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