Alpha & Omega Announce New Album via Bridge Nine Records

Alpha & Omega
Los Angeles’ Alpha & Omega have announced a July 23rd release date for their upcoming Bridge Nine Records debut No Rest, No Peace.  Their second full-length release, No Rest, No Peace is a juggernaut of an album, drawing from influences of hardcore mainstays such as Cro Mags and Integrity as well as crossover and metal like Crowbar and Metallica, resulting in a sound that is “…100% us”, vocalist Luis Hernandez said.  He continued, “Every lyric, every riff is real – this album truly reflects Alpha & Omega as a whole.”
No Rest, No Peace is also the first album the band has written together; each song featuring input from every member.  And with Chad Gilbert (New Found Glory) producing and Kyle Black (Set Your Goals, Paramore, Shai Hulud) recording, this record sounds tougher while more accessible than anything Alpha & Omega has done thus far.  Hernandez said, “NRNP is the perfect mix of our first release The Devils Bed and our last LP,  Life Swallower. We took all the things we liked about our past two records and made them stronger. The fast parts are faster, the heavy parts are heavier and the choruses are catchier. We wanted to write a record that sticks with you and I feel that we accomplished that.”

Alpha & Omega will hit European shores this Summer. Check all dates below:

21.06. Clisson – Hellfest (France)
22.06. Trier – Summerblast Festival (Germany)
23.06. Schweinfurt – Alter Stattbahnhof (Germany)
25.06. Pécs – Rockmaraton (Hungary)
26.06. Pisek – Pod Carou (Czech Republic) 
27.06. Montabaur – Mair1 Festival (Germany) 
28.06. Roitzschjora – With Full Force Festival (Germany)
29.06. Leeds – Ghostfest (United Kingdom)
30.06. Lisboa – Republica de Musica (Portugal)
01.07. Karlsruhe – Stadtmitte (Germany)
02.07. Lindau – Club Vaudeville (Germany)
04.07. Landgraaf – De Oefenbunker (Netherlands)
05.07. Sulingen – Reload Festival (Germany)
06.07. Salzburg – United People Fest @ Rockhouse (Austria)
07.07. Augsburg – Kantine (Germany)

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