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Exclusive: Striking Justice Tour Diary Pt. 2

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Our buddies in Striking Justice are currently on tour in Europe and they’ve teamed up with us to present their weekly tour diaries. The guys are touring in support of their October 2012 release De Verharding, which came out through White Russian Records. In seventeen days, Striking Justice will play in eight different countries in Western, Eastern and Southern parts of Europe. Make sure to attend one of the shows to lose your mind on their new tracks!

Good friend of the band and merch-guy/roadie Erik wrote the second part of the diary:

“We’re all living just to find our latest loss,
So cut your anchor loose and swim your way across.
And when the day gives way to dusk and the circle closes ’round,
Fold your hands across my heart and hold me down.”

Make Do And Mend – ‘St.Anne’ (the song we wake up to every
morning thanks to Jesper’s alarm)

We’ve been on the road playing shows across Europe for ten days now. There hangs a dodgy smell in the van, which can be described as a mixture of sweat and expired Chinese food. With a heavy head I got myself out of it today to see what was
cracking in Zagreb, Croatia.

The past few days have been great, we were rocking out at one of our favourite clubs: Slash Bar in Karlovy Vary (Czech Republic) and yesterday we got to hang out with some awesome bands and old friends in Vienna, Austria.

To give you an impression of what life on the road is like for us, I have some photos for you to look at, and of course you can also watch the new video update below.

I hope you all aced it at Groezrock (for those who went), I’ve seen some pictures of our buddies of All For Nothing who absolutely killed it there. It’s awesome to see how Dutch hardcore bands are rocking out all over the world.

As Martijn from No Turning Back once told us: “gewoon doen” (meaning “just do it”) but I think that is a bit of an understatement. We all work hard to be able to tour all over the world and bring Dutch hardcore to an ever-growing audience.

Often I talk to people, who envy our lifestyle, but it’s nothing more than being passionate and when you put some effort into it, you can create great things. This also goes for your friendships, your job, and for just being happy. I know that at the moment I feel ‘blessed’ with every new experience.”


Remaining Tour Dates:

30-4-2013 @ Casematte – L’Aquila, IT
1-5-2013 @ secret show – Civitanova Marche, IT
2-5-2013 @ United Club – Turin, IT
3-5-2013 @ Villa K – Bludenz, AU
4-5-2013 @ Baracke – Munster, DE
5-5-2013 @ Eureka – Zwolle, NL

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Picture by Erik Luchtenberg

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