Review: Pantah – Demo


Pantah is a new band based in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands. They just released their 5-track demo for free. There is little information available about this band, except that they are signed at War Inside Records. We gave their new demo a spin and want to share our thoughts.

Starting the record with an intro and of course there are some “pantah” growls. Listening to this intro, it sounds like your average Hardcore band you can find in every country; it’s not an impressive start. ‘Searching For Revenge’ kicks in as the first real song from the demo. This right away changes from the average hardcore band to something really different. Together with the unique sounding vocals you can hear that the bands is heavily influenced by legends like Judge and Cro-Mags.

Next up are the songs ‘Boiling Inside’ and ‘Fairy Tales’. First thing that will be noticed is that they use some different vocals, which is good. Everybody likes a small change now and then. No song has yet passed the 2-minute mark, and they all still sound very old-skool. It’s good to know that some bands are keeping the spirit alive. A good mix with up-tempo drums and some good 2-step beats keep the songs interesting to listen.

The last song on the demo is called ‘Caught In A Trap’. It’s good to hear a song with a different tempo as the previous tracks feel like the same pace. Personally I think this is the best song from this demo. Again a good mix with up-tempo and 2-step parts. With some additional backing vocals as well it makes this one of the most varied songs on the demo.

All together it is a very good first demo. It’s a unique sounding band; something you rarely find these days. I’m looking forward to their next release and hope the can keep up this great hardcore mix. Curious how it all sounds? You can download to their demo for free.

Track list – Demo

1. Intro
2. Searching For Revenge
3. Boiling Inside
4. Fairy Tales
5. Caught In A Trap

Pantah: Facebook / Bandcamp

Written by Patrick Batenburg

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