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Exclusive: Striking Justice Tour Diary Pt. 1

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Our buddies in Striking Justice are currently on tour in Europe and they’ve teamed up with us to present their weekly tour diaries. The guys are touring in support of their October 2012 release De Verharding, which came out through White Russian Records. In seventeen days, Striking Justice will play in eight different countries in Western, Eastern and Southern parts of Europe. Make sure to attend one of the shows to lose your mind on their new tracks!

Good friend of the band and merch-guy/roadie Erik wrote the first part of the diary:

“Looking into the mirror I’m thinking: “fuck, my body wasn’t made for this”. Under-slept, in need of a healthy meal, and my mum. Then my lip curls and I smirk, who am I kidding, I don’t need all that shit. I’ve got my best friends with me in a coach, traveling across Europe in search of new horizons. What more could I ask for?

For three years now I’ve joined Striking Justice in living it up on the road as a roadie/ merch seller, from the Arizona desert to the bitter cold winters of Eastern Europe. No need for a clean-shaven face or clean clothes for that matter, and with only few responsibilities, naturally there is the tour schedule to follow, it is the ultimate never-ending road trip. 
Four days ago we kicked off this European tour in our hometown, Hengelo, many of our friends came and wished us well. Although I really enjoyed the show, I literally could not wait to get on the road, to meet new people, and put up amazing shows in all the different places. 
Our first stop was in Leipzig, Germany, the people were amazing, super friendly, giving us awesome food, and making sure we enjoyed our stay. I really love how people just get on with things, a proper DIY spirit. I can only hope the German crowd enjoyed the show as much as me. 
We spent the night at our friends’ place, who happen to also have a really cool kid. I know this might sound really cheesy, but I get overwhelmed by the incredible hospitality of people and how they just offer us a place to stay. every time people just offer us a place to stay. We forever owe you guys, you know who you are. 
As I spit out the tooth paste and rinse my mouth, images are flashing through my head: the last two days we spent in Poland were funny, crowded, hot, and Polish. This is where we are at home, on the road. 
All the best from the Striking Justice lads and me: Smerikkie”
Check out our first video blog here:

Remaining Tour Dates:

23-4-2013 @ Kawiarnia Naukowa – Krakau, PL
24-4-2013 @ TBA – Ostrava, CZ
25-4-2013 @ Café na pul cesty – Prague, CZ
26-4-2013 @ Slash Bar – Karlovy Vary, CZ
27-4-2013 @ Venster 99 – Vienna, AT
28-4-2013 @ Prostor Do – Zagreb, HR
29-4-2013 @ TBA – Roma, IT
30-4-2013 @ Casematte – L’Aquila, IT
1-5-2013 @ secret show – Civitanova Marche, IT
2-5-2013 @ United Club – Turin, IT
3-5-2013 @ Villa K – Bludenz, AU
4-5-2013 @ Baracke – Munster, DE
5-5-2013 @ Eureka – Zwolle, NL

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Picture by Erik Luchtenberg

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