Check Out Two New Wrong Answer Tracks

Wrong AnswerPhilly’s “Naughty Youth Crew” band Wrong Answer have released two new songs, which can be seen as some sort of teaser for their new album. ‘Born In Chains’ and ‘God’s Will’ will be available physically (includes a exclusive cover) in some time, more information about that soon. For now, check out the tracks below:

Wrong Answer will tour Europe this summer together with The Mongoloids, check out the dates here.

Wrong Answer: Facebook / Bandcamp / Merch

3 thoughts on “Check Out Two New Wrong Answer Tracks

  1. The rock randomly starting after the hip hop intro really threw me off. At first I thought something was playing on another screen and had to pause the music to find out what was going on. Any information on the reasoning behind this intro?

    • Not sure if the Hip Hop or “Rock” threw you off, Kat. It’s not uncommon for Hardcore bands to use Hip Hop as intro’s for their songs. Even the “big ones” like Terror and Madball did it.

      • I honestly don’t listen to enough hardcore to know that. The albums I have listened to haven’t followed this pattern. Thanks for the info. I won’t be thrown off next time!

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