Review: Hundredth – Revolt


Revolt is the first half of Hundredth’s double EP titled RevoltResist, that is released through Mediaskare and No Sleep Records. The EP features five new tracks, and clocks just under the fifteen minute mark. Amongst these new songs are ‘Ruin’ and ‘Free mind, Open Spirit’, that were put on YouTube with an accompanying lyric video a few weeks prior to the release of the EP. These tracks gave us an early taste of the new direction Hundredth is taking. According to Chadwick Johnson, the band’s vocalist, Hundredth has “been in transition since the last release” (Let Go, in 2011), so they “wanted a chance to explore before releasing another.” The progression is pretty clear: Johnson’s lyrics have new themes, the guitar work is somewhat heavier and angrier and most songs are above all much shorter. There is more energy and anger in a shorter amount of time, and that works really well.

The opening track ‘Ruin’ sets the tone for this EP.  It is heavy and aggressive, and has a clear political statement in it: “what we take for granted will take us in return.” Johnson warns us for the damage we are doing to earth and nature. We must pay the toll. Albeit the heavy and aggressive parts, the chorus is still pretty catchy and presumably a guaranteed sing-along at shows.

‘Free Mind / Open Spirit’ has been Hundredth’s motto for some years now and because of that this track has some relative importance. It has as another clear political statement: we have to “tear down the “just us” system (…), a revolution of the enslaved.” The track starts with dark guitar work and fast drums, and then progresses in the familiar more melodic sound of Let Go. ‘Free Mind…’ really packs a punch.

‘Barren’ is probably the heaviest song on this EP. It opens with a quote of the British anthropologist Jane Goodall. If humans are the most intelligent beings on Earth, why are we destroying it? Johnson makes it clear: “we reap what we’ve sown.” The last track, ‘Euclid (Slave Song)’, is more melodic and reminds of Let Go. It’s probably one of the best tracks of this EP and with that a legit closer.

In this limited amount of space I unfortunately have room to discuss every track profoundly. Please, purchase this record and take a good listen. Read Johnson’s excellent lyrics. Revolt is available in various formats, including vinyl. The (limited) vinyl format is distributed through No Sleep Records. The packaging is pretty straightforward, but the record itself features an amazing engraving of Hundredth’s logo on the backside. You can pick it up here.

The guys have set the bar high with this release. I am anxious to hear what Resist will sound like. Keep your eyes peeled for our review when that comes out. Hundredth is touring Europe and the United Kingdom with Stick To Your Guns this spring. Check the dates here.

Track list – Revolt

1. Ruin
2. Savages
3. Free Mind / Open Spirit
4. Barren
5. Euclid (Slave Song)

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Written by Laurens Kleine

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