Double Interview: World Eater vs. Strength Approach


In anticipation of the True Spirit Tour Vol. 1, we decided to work our own spirits and come up with a new concept. We’d like to introduce double interviews; an interactive conversation between two bands, discussing topics of their own and concerning the other band. First up are Saarbrücken, Germany’s World Eater (WE) and Strength Approach (SA) from Rome, Italy.

Please introduce the other band…

WE: “Hey , this is Alex from World Eater and I have the pleasure to introduce you to Rome’s Hardcore pride Strength Approach . Actually you must live under a rock if you haven’t heard of them and call yourself connected to the European Hardcore scene. They have been waving the flag since 1996 and there is no end in sight. We had the pleasure to tour with them last year and they are nothing but a lovely bunch of people to party with or to hang out.”

SA: “This is Alex from Strength Approach,Rome. I would like to introduce World Eater with a standing ovation.They are a relatively new band from Germany with tons of experience under their belt. Handsome bunch of fellas with a new record out and nice people to hang out with.”

Who is the main musical influence of the other band?

WE: “Well, I would say in the early days of the band they had this kinda Youth Crew vibe to it, but it developed over the years to some kind of groovy NYHC style with an own twist to it . If you want a band to name, I would say Madball.”

SA: “The one and only Cro Mags in my opinion!”

Name the main non-musical influence of the other band…


SA: “Pretty much what’s going on in this rotting world these days, but I heard the singer got an interesting taste for horror movies.”

What’s the juiciest rumor you’ve ever heard about No Turning Back?

WE: “What I’ve heard is that they spent all their millions on fast food and cart races, so they have been forced to open up a second hand clothing store! They’re next record will go by the name “No Refunds”!”

SA: “I heard they go crazy for Italian food and go-karts but it might be just a gossip.”

What’s your best tour experience till date?

WE: “We’re still something like a “new” band but we already had so many great experiences so it’s hard to pick one… But i would say our show in Caldas Da Rainha (Portugal) was definitely a highlight since a total mayhem broke out during our set. Bodies everywhere, and i mean EVERYWHERE!”

SA: “Having the chance to tour the world is nothing but a gift to us and I would not change this for anything in my life.”

What does an ideal show look like on the True Spirit Tour?

WE: “A crowded room; people moshing, stage diving, and sweating with smiles on their faces. No fights! No bullshit!”

SA: “Fun, friends, sweat, and bad, funny jokes!”

Name your top 5 releases of 2012/2013


1. Risk It!Who’s Fooling Who?
2. No Turning BackNo Regrets
3. Twitching TonguesSleep Therapy
4. DogchainsDemo
5. For The GlorySongs from the Split 7″ with us

“It’s hard to pick just five out of so much cool music that’s been released.”


1. For The GloryKids Have No…
2. Traces of YouBleed the Truth
3. No Turning BackNo Regrets
4. TerrorLive By The Code
5. Deez NutsBout It

Why should kids come out to the True Spirit Tour?

WE: “I think the line up speaks for itself! It’s great to see a tour going on with just European bands, and people seem to dig it! We’re just five out of so many cool bands around, so support this tour and make the True Spirit Tour Vol. 2 happen!”

SA: “Because I think it’s the best Euro tour built up by people who strongly believe in what they do and I dont see any good reason to miss one of those shows.”

World Eater: Facebook
Strength ApproachFacebook / Pre-Order Roma Hardcore State of Mind EP

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