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Album of the Month: The Mongoloids – Mongo Life

Mongo Life

April’s Album of the Month is Mongo Life, the second album and 2013 release of The Mongoloids. This band has been around for a while and is known throughout the hardcore scene. Their last release was 3 years ago and the band is still going strong. The Mongoloids remain a treat to see on the bill.

The album opens quietly with a soft acoustic tune called ‘Smoke Signals’. It is an interesting choice and it gives you the impression that the band is out for more than the plain hardcore tunes that we know them for.

New Jersey’s finest has us on the wrong foot form the start, because no matter how you intercept the opening, the first real tune is a banger of a track called ‘Live This Way’. Hardcore with a metallic attitude, full of shred and the typical raw vocals is nothing new from these guys. They picked up where they left off all these years ago and come back stronger than ever.

The incredible strength of their lyrics remains and the Mongoloids vibe is back to claim the stage. It is amazing to see a band that stands so strong in what they do, staying true to the very root of their origin.

Another great aspect of the album is the added effect of down tempo, jazzy parts. It gives the album added value, a place of its own, something to remember it for. This is something that has become necessary in a time where bands are being criticized for every little thing. Bands are being judged and marked as copycats now more than ever. The scene is not the same as it was at the start, the demands are higher as they were. It is great to see these guys stay on top of their game, their sound and still being able to deliver a distinguishable sound.

The Mongoloids are back and stand strong in the footprints of their past, ready to rush forward. “Stay focused in order to move on”.

Tracklist: Mongo Life

  1. Smoke Signals
  2. Live This Way
  3. Did you Figure out an Anthem?
  4. Time Capsule
  5. Room to Grow
  6. Parallels
  7. All I Am
  8. Life Long Past
  9. Go the Same Way
  10. Identity Crisis
  11. Chamber Door
  12. Mongo Life

Mongo Life will be released on the 2nd of April and will be available through Six Feet Under Records, Reality Records and Caboose Recordings. Check it out, it is so worth it!

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