Interview: The Rival Mob

The Rival Mob

After selecting their brand new full length Mob Justice as album of the month for March, we thought it was at place to entertain you with an interview with The almighty Rival Mob.

You just released your new album: what are you guys hoping for in the reactions?

“We hope its an utter bomb and bankrupts revelation. JUST KIDDING! We’ve never really given much of a damn about reactions. Hence, why we haven’t changed our style in the slightest the entire time we’ve been a band. I mean, above all else we’d like people to know that this is the strongest material we feel that we’ve made thus far. But beyond that, we’ve got the same attitude as always: take it or leave it.”

The Rival Mob consists out of members from a lot of different bands; what makes The Mob different from your other bands?

“Well believe it or not it may be one of the longest running aside from old Mind Eraser… and lord knows we never thought (or sometimes even wanted) it to last this long hahaha… But we always just wanted to be a straight up, old school, no bull jive Hardcore band, but one that wasn’t a “worship” band. Sure we have our influences, but plenty of our own personality as well. It seems to have gotten to the point where many people know us primarily from The Rival Mob, though we have many other fingers in many other pies…Also we have shittier tee shirts than any other of our other bands.”

How would you describe your sound?

“NYC meets BOSTON meets CLEVO in 1989.”

What bands influence your music; hardcore or even none-hardcore?

Breakdown, Rest In Pieces, Slapshot, Murphy’s Law, Journey, Anvil, Fleetwood Mac, Carnivore, Macho Man.”

What does Hardcore music mean to you and what drives you to be in a hardcore band?

“Music is one of the few expressions of humanity I can fully relate to. What keeps me interested in making Hardcore/Punk after all these years is that when it’s done well, it still has the power to regress your DNA back into an animal state and take a steaming cave man sized shit right on your notions of ‘cool’, ‘adult’, ‘respectful’, and ‘safe’.”

What are your future plans; any big tours planned out?

“Future plans include gigs in the old US of A. No tours as of yet, but who knows there’s talk. Maybe in another 7 years…”

If you wouldn’t be in a hardcore band what would your life look like?

“Being in my numerous other bands of varying genres.”

Ultimate line-up for a show (broken up bands may be included)?

“The Rival Mob.”

What is happening in the scene in Boston; what bands should we look out for?

“Boston continues to be a great little place with wonderful attractive people, abundant venues, and weather that will paint your skin a healthy bronze all year round. Bands to look out for: The Rival Mob.”

Do you have any inspiring words for small town hardcore bands around the world who are struggling to survive?

“Stop giving a shit about surviving. None of us are gonna survive. Just make something that satisfies you. Then you might die happier. You MIGHT.”

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