Interview: Expire


Prior to their European tour, we were working on an e-mail interview with Expire from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In the meantime, the guys just finished their tour, playing their last show at Northcote Festival in Dordrecht, the Netherlands this weekend. Bassist Caleb Murphy answered our answers while on the road. Check it out below.

So you guys have been touring through Asia; how do you like it so far and how does it differ from playing shows back home?

“I can’t even explain how amazing Asia was to us. We love playing shows in the states, but I don’t think any of us have ever felt as appreciated as we felt in Southeast Asia. Every show felt like one giant family. Hardcore is alive and well in Asia and we can’t wait to come back.”

You will be touring Europe again this year! What are your feelings about revisiting Europe for the second time and are you psyched for playing Northcote?

“Our tour of Europe with Foundation last year was great and we are all excited to go back. Europe is probably the least stressful place to tour, mainly because Nanouk [de Meijere] and the people at Avocado Booking are super professional and make sure everything flows smoothly. Also, we love touring with our friends in Rotting Out. We’ll be sure to pass along the good word about Asia to them.” 

Do you still feel as nervous going on the stage now as you felt when you guys started out?

“Every once in a while we all still get a little nervous. Big festivals are usually the cause of that.”

What’s your wildest story/experience while on tour?

“Last summer we played a fest in Canada called Detox Rock Fest. Us, Naysayer and Terror were the only hardcore bands on the fest. It was a huge outdoor festival, with bands like Gwar, Sublime, Dream Theater and tons of other huge mainstream music acts. Earlier in the day we all swam in a pool that was on site while Reel Big Fish was playing in the background. Later we all watched Sublime play from the roof of a hotel. It was a pretty wild experience.”

What do you do in your daily life when you’re not touring?

“I work as a bicycle mechanic, Marcus is a delivery driver, Josh is a chef, and Zach hustles for a living.”
What was your mindset like during the time you wrote the lyrics to Pendulum Swings, specifically songs like ‘Just Fine’?

“At first we were all a little nervous to write a full length record. It’s a pretty big undertaking. We hit the studio really hard to get instrument tracking done as soon as possible so that Josh could have ample time to do his thing on the mic. I know I speak for the rest of the band when I say that he really stepped his game up when writing lyrics for the record. Once Just Fine was all recorded we instantly knew it would be the first song on the record.”

Favorite candy bar?

“Personally, I like Butterfinger.”

Could you tell us about the first show Expire ever played?

“The first show Expire played was actually the first show of our first tour. We hit the ground running.”
What does hardcore mean to you personally?

“Hardcore has given me so much. An outlet for anger, a community of friends, and the opportunity to travel the world with my friends. I’ve seen and done things I never thought I would get to do because of hardcore. It has helped me through the most difficult times of my life and made me appreciate the good times even more.”
What are the future plans for Expire?

“Once we are back from this world tour, we are home for a few weeks and then hit the US for the first time this year. Play New England Metal and Hardcore Fest, then The Rumble in Chicago. After that we play Rainfest in Seattle and tour with Rotting Out and Your Demise in the US and Canada. After that we want to start writing for a new record. And keeping traveling the world.”
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