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Changes in Line-Up Northcote Festival

Last week, Northcote Festival announced the cancellation of This Routine Is Hell. New Morality will take their place. Today, the organization announced the cancellation of All For Nothing. Due to illness among several band members they were forced to cancel their shows for this weekend. Germans in Risk It! will play instead. Find AFN’s statement below:

“Due to illness of several band members we are forced to cancel our two upcoming shows this weekend. 
We encourage you to go to the HHFshow in Liechtenstein and the Northcote fest in Dordrecht.

These shows are done by people who have their hearts at the right place and work their asses off to make it happen. Both deserve your support! 

We hope to be back in full health soon. 

Your friends in All For Nothing”

Also, Rott ‘n Damned was forced to cancel their show. They’ll be replaced by Clear X Path. Find the fully updated time schedule for the festival below. Tickets are only 10 euros if you order them now via

Time schedule Northcote 2013:

13.30-13.50 ClearXpath
14.10-14.30 21 Gun Salute
14.50-15.10 To The Test
15.30-15.50 The Words i Never Said
16.10-16.30 New Morality
16.50-17.10 Coldburn
17.30-17.50 Get Wise
18.10-18.30 Redemption Denied
18.50-19.10 Broken Teeth
19.30-19.50 Survival
20.10-20.30 Risk It
20.50-21.10 Cornered
21.30-21.50 Desolated
22.10- Expire


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